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Intellectual Property Registries are public institutions that protect the intellectual property rights of authors and their works, performances or productions. These organisations register all original literary, artistic or scientific creations expressed by any medium or support, tangible or intangible, currently known or to be invented in the future. Industrial designs, trademarks, patents and inventions, on the other hand, are protected by Industrial Property legislation.

As we have already explained in the article on blockchain in copyright, there are currently 3 ways to register copyright: State Public Registers, Private Intellectual Property Registers and CMO or IGO.

Regarding Private Intellectual Property Registries, it should be noted that they are private companies that act as trusted third parties and certify the existence of a document through the Internet and by means of distributed registration technologies (DLT or blockchain). Within this category, we present Davcopy: an online copyright registration service for audiovisual creations. An alternative, fast and reliable way to avoid plagiarism of audiovisual works or productions and a bet for the future that facilitates the process of registering works and verifying the identity of their original creator.


What is Davcopy?

Davcopy is the best alternative for copyright registration and is presented as a powerful and innovative alternative with which to register any type of audiovisual work. It is a safe and fast way to protect these creations before distributing or publishing them on the Internet.

Davcopy provides a digitalised and decentralised certification that makes the registration process of any audiovisual work cheaper and easier: scripts, short films, feature films, videos for social media, photographs, advertising, archive audiovisual pieces… etc. It also offers the possibility of generating NFTs of the works in a simple way, to enhance their commercial reach.

Davcopy is an alternative to traditional centralised registration platforms that makes use of blockchain technology, which allows files to be registered easily and securely while protecting the content. Davcopy generates a digital fingerprint and a timestamp, where the identifying data is encrypted and automatically links the author to his or her creation. In the event of a legal dispute, anyone can validate this code and verify that you are the original author. Once certified, it is important not to make any changes to the original file, so as not to modify its digital footprint.

Blockchain records are permanent and are endorsed by the Berne Convention, being their validity and validity indefinite (although subject to the legislative particularities of each country).


Advantages of Davcopy:

Eliminates possible plagiarism: blockchain certification generates a digital fingerprint associated with your identity, which allows you to prove the authorship of the work.

  • International validity: the certificates issued by Davcopy are valid in the 179 signatory countries of the Berne Convention.
  • Security throughout the creation process: blockchain technology acts as an automatic digital notary, which makes the process much cheaper, so you can also register the synopsis, the treatment, etc.
  • Private and immutable data: thanks to blockchain technology your certification data is stored securely and privately, with a unique digital fingerprint.


So how does Davcopy work?

  1. First, you need to sign up. It’s as simple as filling in the registration form and verifying your identity to make your records legally valid.
  2. You can then upload any type of file, as long as it is less than 17MB in size (otherwise you will need to compress it before uploading). For property registration, the important thing is the content and not its audiovisual quality, so there is no problem if it is less than this when compressed. You can register any audiovisual or photographic content.
  3. Download your receipt with all the registration data. You can share it wherever and with whomever you want so that they can consult the record and verify that it belongs to you, along with the exact date thanks to the time stamp.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to save the original file to maintain the validity of the record, as it is essential to present exactly the recorded file, without changes, as the encryption process detects the smallest modifications and generates a completely different digital fingerprint.


Do you have a video, photo, script or video creation that you need to protect? Try Davcopy now and take advantage of the discounts for individuals and companies.

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