Private Intellectual Property Registries for the music sector3 min read

Due to globalization, songs, albums and musical compositions have become victims of plagiarism and copyright theft. One of the key aspects in the protection of these rights is the registration of such creations as proof of authorship or ownership of rights.

Currently, there are two types of registration platforms where to carry out the registration of an intellectual property or copyright, depending on whether they are controlled by one entity (centralized) or not (decentralized):

  • Centralized:
    • State Public Registries
    • Management organizations: they may be collective management (CMO) or independent (IGO),
  • Decentralized Private Registries

The advantage and novelty of decentralized registration platforms is that, since they are not controlled by an entity or state, the whole process is guaranteed and secured by the technology on which it is based, which guarantees its validity worldwide.

Within the decentralized Private Registries, iCommunity Labs presents Musicdibs. A platform that allows to register musical creations to protect them in the most secure and innovative way, thanks to blockchain technology. Through this platform we help music creators to protect their copyrights and empower composers, eliminating the fear of possible plagiarism, with an alternative to traditional registration platforms, innovative and based on the latest technology: blockchain.

In addition, one of the advantages and novelties provided by Musidcibs is the possibility of generating NFTs of your creations through the Discography+ package, to monetize them in any marketplace, or simply share them with your followers as an exclusive gift, thus increasing your “engagement” with them.

Musicdibs uses blockchain technology, which has revolutionized the way we store and share information. Using cryptography to keep information secure, this technology is based on a decentralized database supported by a network of independent computers, called nodes. Each of these nodes has to validate and approve a change in the network through a consensus protocol, which reduces the dependencies and vulnerabilities of centralized information storage.

As for the operation of the platform, it is very simple:

  1. The first step is to register, which includes verifying your identity. This step is necessary for your records to be legally valid.
  2. The next step is to register your creations. In the main panel you can upload your song, lyrics or rhythm, as we accept all types of files. The platform encrypts everything and generates a digital trace that, together with a time stamp, is registered in blockchain in a few seconds.
  3. After this, you will get a certificate with all the data of the registration of your pieces that you can save and share or publish. If you share or publish it, anyone will be able to consult the record and verify that it belongs to you, along with the exact date thanks to the timestamp.
  4. Finally: don’t forget to save your original file to maintain the validity of the record. In any verification process it is essential to present exactly the same registered file, without changes, because the encryption process detects the smallest modifications and generates a totally different digital trace.


Do you have a song or composition you need to protect? Try Musicdibs now and take advantage of discounts for individuals and companies.

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