Recircular will use iBS in its marketplace for the sale and purchase of non-productive resources1 min read

iCommunity Labs incorporates Recircular to its client portfolio, a marketplace that allows companies to buy and sell their non-productive resources (waste, by-products, production leftovers, material in stock) so that other companies can give them a second use.

Recircular will integrate iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, to certify all the legal documentation generated in the management processes of all the waste products that its clients offer for sale on its marketplace. In this way, iBS plays the role of a “digital notary” that generates and stores digital evidence of the processes, thus guaranteeing to the whole chain (buyer, seller, regulators and AAPP) the veracity and non-manipulation of the data related to these transactions.


Thanks to the use of iBS, Recircular will provide greater transparency and confidence to clients and regulators on the management processes that are part of the operation of its marketplace, as well as other additional services and projects that Recircular develops with its clients on circular economy and reuse of resources.


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