Rwallet, the next product to recover seed keys1 min read

iCommunity’s product portfolio will grow with the next release: Rwallet, the first Dapp that will anonymously return your seed key. You can enjoy up to 70% off the launch offer by signing up for early access now.

Rwallet provides a self-executing smart contract vault that functions as a decentralized “safe” where users can securely store their passwords to be retrieved when needed. The disruptive DApp will also allow users to pass on their crypto legacy to the people they want when they die, like a sophisticated digital automatic will.

Rwallet’s main feature is decentralization – the entire process it carries out is secure and decentralized, preventing anyone, not even us, from being able to see or access customer information.

Rwallet works simply:

  1. Creates a secure vault: our encrypted protocol ensures the correct creation of a decentralized secure vault, where your seed phrase will be stored preventing third-party access.
  2. Recovery process: you can request the recovery of your passwords immediately, and/or wait for the automatic activation of the proof of life, which once a year will send recurring alerts to your programmed channels to verify your status.
  3. Receipt of passwords: in case of a password request or lack of response to the proof of life, our algorithm will activate the recovery process. The smart contract acts and sends the instructions anonymously to the programmed devices.

Keep an eye on our social networks, as we will be announcing the official launch of Rwallet.

Don’t wait and sign up for early access NOW!

iCommunity Team.

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