Recover now your wallets seed phrase!

Rwallet is the first Dapp to provide a secure self-executing smart contract vault, which will anonymously return your decentralized or cold wallets seed phrase.

Do you know that there are more than 3.7 million Bitcoins in lost wallets?

Don't be next...

Don't be next...

Lost cryptos will be history soon...

Rwallet is the definitive solution for:

  • Recovering the seed phrase of your decentralized or cold wallets, in case your forget it.
  • Leaving your crypto legacy to your loved ones, if something happens to you.

Why use Rwallet?

If your cryptocurrencies are on centralized exchanges, like Coinbase or Binance, they are not your coins, as the balance you see is just an accounting entry, just like in a traditional bank. This is a big problem, because they have absolute power over your money and the capacity to cancel withdrawals, delete your account or lend your coins, and you won’t be able to do anything.

Does the FTX case ring a bell? Well, it is just one more, of the many bankruptcies of centralized exchanges.

Don’t repeat history: storing your crypto assets in a secure and decentralized way is the first and most important lesson you have to learn.

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How it works

You don’t need to trust us.

The process is end-to-end encrypted and decentralized: no one will be able to access or manipulate your information.

But it’s good to know who we are.

Rwallet is a product from iCommunity, the leading company in blockchain technology in Spain. More than 4 years of experience in the web3 sector and leading technology partners such as EURECAT (Barcelona Technology Center), Telefónica, and AWS AMAZON, position iCommunity at the forefront of innovation, to guarantee your security.

Do you want to know more about blockchain? Check out our products or read our blog.

PYME Inovadora Gobierno de España
electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services
Tercero de confianza Gobierno de España




€5.99/month (billed annually)

  • Up to 3 recovery vaults (one per wallet).
  • A recovery request per month.
  • Identity verification (KYC).
  • Double factor authentication (2FA).
  • Standard support (email 8×5).

Service recommended for single users.



€7.99/month/wallet (billed anually)

  • Unlimited vaults (wallets).
  • Up to 3 recovery requests per month.
  • Identity verification (KYC).
  • Double factor authentication (2FA).
  • Access from all kinds of devices.
  • Advanced support (24×7 email).

Service recommended for business and users (or families) with several shared wallets.

Frequently asked questions

What is a “tokenized digital ID” and why is the most secure ID mechanism?2023-01-14T13:23:17+01:00

The “tokenized digital ID” on the blockchain can be abstracted down to its most elemental level as the digital representation of a person, organization, device, or thing. It has the advantage of not sharing all the information of the entity, but only the minimum necessary to carry out the action for which this information is required.

The tokenized digital ID also allows interaction with smart contracts and other identities within a blockchain, allowing the implementation of decentralized solutions in which human access to the data is not necessary to validate the actions that must be carried out. This is the case of Rwallet.

Rwallet’s tokenized digital ID allows users to operate in a decentralized environment (on-chain and off-chain), without relying on centralized identity providers (such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).

Why is Rwallet so secure?2023-01-14T13:02:24+01:00

We use all the encryption and information protection technology that iCommunity has developed over the last 5 years:

  • Connections are end-to-end encrypted, which eliminates the possibility of someone intercepting communications (“man in the middle” attacks).
  • To open a user account we do a biometric and documentary identity verification (KYC), similar to the used by banks and other entities when you open an account with them.
  • To control access to accounts, a double authentication factor (2FA) is used, which prevents identity theft.
  • For every user account we create a tokenized digital identity (digital ID), which is associated with a private key. Only you will have this key and with it the seed phrases that you store will be encrypted.
  • The vaults where the seed keys are stored are isolated and disconnected. Therefore they are NOT permanently connected to the internet, thus eliminating exposure to possible attacks of all kinds (brute force, DDoS, etc.). Only when a recovery request is received and the requestor’s identity has been verified, does the smart contract activate them. In addition, this only happens for a limited time, enough for the recovery and sending process, after which they are disconnected again.
  • Each seed phrase is stored in an independent vault so as not to compromise the security of the rest, thus mitigating the possible residual risk that always exists.
Are the funds insured in case of a hack?2023-01-05T12:39:54+01:00

If there is a hack due to a proven system vulnerability, iCommunity’s civil liability insurance would take care of any possible damages that may have been caused.

What is a SmartContract?2023-01-13T15:36:39+01:00

A SmartContract is a code that is implemented in the block chain. Each smart contract contains code that can have a predefined set of inputs/outputs. Smart contracts can also store data.


Smartcontracts are used to decentralize, automate and secure processes / agreements that involve two or more parties (people or organizations), since they facilitate, secure, enforce and execute agreements registered between them. Therefore, they assist in the negotiation and definition of such agreements, since they cause certain actions to happen as a result of a series of specific conditions being met. They aim to provide greater security than traditional contract law and reduce transaction costs associated with contracting. The transfer of digital value through a system that does not require trust (e.g. bitcoins) opens the door to new applications that can make use of smart contracts.


They can be implemented in any transaction that requires a registered agreement between the parties, such as, for example, the contracting of financial or insurance products, guarantee deposits, purchase and sale operations of financial instruments in the stock markets, syndicated loans, purchase and sale or rental of real estate, etc. Smartcontracts are usually composed by a user interface and sometimes emulate the logic of contractual clauses.

What is iCommunity Labs?2023-01-13T15:54:46+01:00

iCommunity Labs is a spanish company with a wide blockchain solutions portfolio that actually have thousands of users and costumers. Winners of several international adwards, we launch at 2021 our utility token ICOM that was sold by an ICO and IEO and raised more than $2m.

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