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Certification with legal security

Certified electronic signature
with blockchain technology

Certifies and signs of all types of documents (contracts,
working parties, agreements, certifications, etc.) in a reliable way.

Type (contracts, working parties, agreements, certifications, etc.) in a reliable manner, indelible and permanent.
It solves the need of a trusted third party and automates processes associated with the signing of documents. Improves the signing experience from any device and without complications.


Lack of a trusted third party to guarantee the authenticity of the documents.

Costs of the intermediaries ( notaries, certification companies, etc.) needed to validate processes and documentation.

Tedious and complex paperwork to verify the compliance of agreements, contracts, responsibility clauses, insurance, etc.

Electronic signature software without blockchain technology have significant security risks when using centralized servers.

How does it work?

Send documents to be signed from your email or from our dashboard, without application installation.

The signatory will receive an email to access to the document and sign it from any mobile device.

From the management panel, you can organize and monitor the status of your signature requests. SaaS electronic signature certification product developed by iCommunity,

Certified electronic signatur

How does it improve my business?

Make it easy for your customers to sign all kinds of documents using our signature solution certified electronics, between multiple parties through a simple, safe and legal process.

binding: digital contracts, business workflows, demands, purchase orders…
Ensure total transparency and security to your customers, speed up the contracts closure and maximize the ROI of the digitalization. It is also possible to automate other processes associated with document signature (penalties, compensation, reminders, etc.), thus establishing additional mechanisms that imply actions based on clauses or non-compliance related to the own documents, and allowing you to offer new services to your customers. (esta frase no la entiendo en español)

More efficient registration and validation processes. It allows all participants to have visibility and information of the signed file. Avoiding paper traffic and complicated procedures.

  • Digital notary. No trusted third parties

There is no need for a central authority, with resulting cost saving.

  • Time stamping

Mandatory in the use of electronic invoicing, where the use of long-lasting digital signatures is required.

  • Information Integrity

Once the file record has been generated, it cannot be modified or changed.

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