Aiming to understand the current and emerging state of enterprise blockchain adoption, HFS Research surveyed in 2019 over 300 senior executives (including over 100 C-level executives) who are closely associated with their organizations’ blockchain initiatives. and reviewed 940 blockchain initiatives globally and across industries.

As a result of that survey, HFS has just published the study “2020 HFS Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services” (here is a report), which provides a comprehensive and fundamental analysis of the market for blockchain solutions and services for companies.

As far as the most widely adopted sectors are concerned, this is not only happening in the financial sector, but also in the supply chain, trade finance, manufacturing, payments and KYC (“Know Your Costumer”).

The report establishes the current blockchain ecosystem and analyzes:

  • Enterprise blockchain services from 13 providers and their detailed profiles.
  • Market share they currently have, based on the amount of total share and the amount of production share of each service provider.
  • Key market trends shaping enterprise blockchain services, including their value propositions and challenges for adoption

This report covers various aspects, since:

  • Provides information on the current and emerging status of enterprise blockchain adoption.
  • Explores why this technology is emerging as a compelling value creation lever.
  • It outlines the business issues you may or may not address, and how companies should handle the challenges of their adoption.
  • Leverage some key use cases to bring context, data, and real-life insights around blockchain adoption.

Some conclusions of the results obtained:

As a summary and conclusion of the results obtained in said study, it can be stated that:

  • 2019 witnessed that the majority of business blockchain initiatives were successful, going from being mere proofs of concept and pilots to many of them in the process of making the leap to production.
  • 2020 therefore promises to be the most exciting year for enterprise blockchain as we could see how enterprise blockchain adoption comes of age to solve real world business problems.