Success story: Comforce uses blockchain to verify the identity of signatories1 min read

Comforce, the leading digital contract management company in LATAM, uses iCommunity’s blockchain technology to provide greater value to its clients.

Comforce is a contract lifecycle management software that simplifies contract administration, traceability and control. Being a specialized software, they have experts, experience and knowledge transfer enough to manage contracts and offer the best solution to their clients.

This company to remain a leader in LATAM in the digital and automated management of contracts and suppliers in large companies and multinationals, uses the most disruptive technology of the moment, blockchain. To do this, it relies on iCommunity and its iBS platform.

Comforce uses iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, to verify the identity of the signatories in its clients through a digital identity, through which the link to the documents they sign is established. Thanks to iBS, Comforce’s contract management software offers traceability of the entire signing process, through digital evidence of each step that is recorded and chained through the iCommunity’s iBS platform.

By using iBS, Comforce has obtained a competitive advantage that differentiates them from their competitors by bringing greater value to their clients through enhanced functionalities that allows for greater security for contract signatories, thanks to iCommunity’s blockchain technology.


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