Success story: Cubic Fort introduces blockchain in its AI products2 min read

Consulting firm Cubic Fort uses blockchain services provided by iCommunity to help organisations become more efficient and productive by implementing its blockchain and artificial intelligence-based products.

Cubic Fort, founded in 2019, is a technology-based consulting firm that aims to help companies become more efficient in managing their processes. To do this, the company provides its clients with advanced AI and IoT solutions.

In line with its consultancy work, Cubic Fort aims to improve the productivity of organisations by enabling them to save on operating costs through the implementation of technologies such as blockchain or artificial intelligence. In addition, by using this type of technology, they are in charge of storing all the information used by the different actors involved in a business, offering them transparency and security.

The company is currently working on innovation projects and continues to work and invest in the development of its products to which it applies iCommuntiy’s blockchain technology.

Cubic Fort uses iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, to guarantee the security, privacy and traceability of the data handled in its artificial intelligence (IAMAI) and IoT (AirChain) products.

Thanks to iBS, both solutions record and generate digital evidence in blockchain of the data they generate or capture, to ensure the traceability and non-manipulation of such data.

Thanks to the use of iBS, Cubic Fort has gained a competitive advantage that differentiates them from their competitors, by integrating blockchain technology quickly and easily, which provides security and reliability to the data handled by their solutions.


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