Success story: Grey Hounders revolutionizes the industry with blockchain2 min read

The leading online optician in sales of prescription glasses will improve its user experience and operational performance by making its processes more secure with iCommuntiy’s blockchain technology.

Grey Hounders presents itself as an alternative to traditional opticians with the aim of ensuring that everyone has access to a quality product, adapted to their needs. In addition, the firm stands out for allowing the purchase of prescription glasses online to bring the optician’s shop closer to everyone.

To continue differentiate itself and revolutionizing the sector, Grey Hounders will apply blockchain technology to its shopping experience. To do this, it will rely on the company iCommunity as a provider of solutions of this type.

By using iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, Grey Hounders will be able to trace and verify its internal delivery processes, thus providing blockchain-certified traceability of its customers’ online orders. In this way, the company aims to improve user experience and operational performance.

Thanks to iBS, Grey Hounders’ order management software offers traceability of the entire delivery process of an order, from the moment it is received until the product is sent to the customer, thus providing accurate and verifiable information on delivery dates and times, which can then be used for audits or returns and/or withdrawal management processes.

As for customers, they will receive an email after making the purchase with the certified information regarding their order, which allows them to access their data in a transparent and verified manner.

The use of the iBS platform allows the company to continue to differentiate itself from its competition, by using blockchain technology to improve the user experience and revolutionize the sector by becoming an alternative to traditional opticians.


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