Success story: Tuilli, guarantees the policy security with blockchain2 min read

Mi Legado Digital will feature iCommunity as a new blockchain service provider for its new smart death insurance service, Tuilli.

The Spanish startup Mi Legado Digital has launched a new technological project: Tuilli, the first 100% digital and automated insurance that covers the entire funeral service and streamlines all the procedures.

Tuilli is born as a new insurance company for the sale of smart death insurance that focuses on the digital age and the 21st century, which is more innovative and technological. The aspect that stands out the most and that differentiates them from other insurers is undoubtedly the technology, offering 100% online management and processing, new digital coverage and using blockchain technology, for which they count on iCommunity. Thanks to this technology, Tuilli can achieve its mission of transforming a traditional product, thus attracting the interest of new generations.

Tuilli uses iCommunity’s blockchain platform, iBS, to ensure the transparency and security of the policy, managing it in an automated way with smart contracts when death occurs. Thanks to iBS, a historical record is provided of the accesses that have been made to the client area regarding possible changes to the policy, as well as reliable evidence regarding the activation or deactivation of additional coverages and the configuration of the funeral service.

Thanks to the use of iBS, the company Mi Legado Digital has obtained the approval of the Directorate General of Insurance through the sandbox: a controlled testing environment that allows the implementation of technological innovation projects in the financial and insurance system, in accordance with the established of Law 7/2020, of November 13, for the digital transformation of the financial system.


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