The 5 most unusual uses of blockchain3 min read

The revolutionary idea known as blockchain is capable of storing and manipulating information in a secure and transparent way, and it is this flexibility that allows its application in almost all areas of our lives. Apart from the most promising cases of blockchain, there are other not so common ones that can be a big change.


  1. Video games

Starting with video games, blockchain has been applied in different ways, the most popular being “Play To Earn”, where users can earn cryptocurrencies while playing. Their winnings can be converted into physical cash or can be used in-game, and it is this incentive that ensures continuity for many of the players.

In addition, the fundamental ideas of blockchain technology, transparency, security and traceability have been essential in both improving the video games themselves, as well as the user experience and the security of transactions. Benefits of blockchain use cases for video games include: maintaining and building games and helping independent developers, among many.


  1. Smart home appliances

As sales of smart home appliances increase, their digitization requires development and new technologies such as blockchain. One of the most famous cases is the blockchain refrigerator that works with a blockchain in a decentralized way and is able to track the origin of electrical energy so that you can choose the source of supply. Another particular case consists of a code that verifies the identification of the electronic device and stores all kinds of information about it, as well as possible technical problems and repairs.


  1. Relationships and love

The world of love has been revolutionized by technology with dating apps and online dating. Today it has radically changed the way we look for a partner. But can it change even more? In a more personal environment, blockchain is able, through smart contracts, to request and verify explicit consent, as well as ensure that users can express their tastes and preferences in full confidence, including the protected exchange of photos, videos or conversations.


  1. Sustainable energy

Apart from providing transparency, security and reducing costs, blockchain is able to simplify the tedious process of certifying the origin of renewable energy and carbon emissions. Specifically, the Iberdrola group advocates revolutionizing the energy market with this emerging technology so that renewable and sustainable energy would be certified on blockchain and its traceability and transparency would be assured, thus encouraging companies to buy this type of energy. This program is a pilot launched in northern Spain with the aim of digitizing the purchase and sale of energy.


  1. Lottery

The traditional lottery system has many flaws, most of which can be solved by blockchain. Thanks to the implementation of this technology in lotteries, fraud would be completely eliminated, as each lottery ticket would consist of a smart contract automatically executed as soon as the prize is announced. A system that is fair, transparent and can be trusted.

Do you share a lottery ticket? Don’t worry because with the upcoming solution to be launched by iCommunity Labs, all the information about the participants, as well as the previously determined amount, will be formalized on the blockchain.


Each of these ideas uses the various advantages of blockchain technology in a practical way to improve each sector and innovate.


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