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“Patience is a tree with a bitter root but very sweet fruits”

As you know, from the beginning our first priority has always been YOU: our great community and main support. Many of you have asked us during these weeks where the public sale was going to take place, how it was going to be done, what was going to be the price…. We did not want to advance anything because we wanted that ALL of you had the same information, at the same time and first hand, to avoid privileges and possible manipulations. And it is that “Patience is a tree with bitter roots but very sweet fruits“….

Following this priority we have listened to all your comments and suggestions, and we have learned a lot about how our ICOMmuniters are. We have registered more than five thousand new registrations in the whitelist, which together with those already registered in the pre-sale add up to almost ten thousand potential buyers. This shows that people love us and follow us because of our products and the potential that the company has, 

And finally, the long-awaited moment has arrived to officially announce the public sale data.



We have noticed that a large part of our iCOMmuniters are new token buyers, and this is a great compliment for us. We think this is due to the transparency with which we have always worked and that is why we want to make the buying process as easy as possible in the public sale, also giving the greatest security guarantees in the process. Experienced buyers who have already participated in other IEO through platforms, know that the process is not simple, and we do not want this to be an inconvenience for all new ICOM buyers who have registered in our whitelist.

That is why we are going to enable two purchase channels that will be opened consecutively, in 2 PHASES: 

  • PHASE 1: through our online store (the same one we already use in the pre-sale) for all those registered in the whitelist who prefer to use this channel.
  • PHASE 2: through an exchange, where you will have to pass the platform’s KYC and buy ICOM with a procedure that we will publish soon.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently in negotiations with exchange platforms for the sale of our ICOM tokens through them. The process is long, so the scheduled date for phase 2 could be subject to variations in case you do not complete it in the initial scheduled time.

We summarize the dates and other details in the following infographic:

Once PHASE 2 is finished, the token will be listed and distributed to all buyers in their ICOM user accounts. From that moment on, the blocks will start to count and you will start to accumulate rewards for staking. In this way, we want to compensate and incentivize people who bet on the project by keeping their tokens when unlocking. 

We also inform you that iCommunity will present the ICOM token in the best possible scenario, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona, within the 4YFN, from 28th to 3rd March.  This event is one of the most important events worldwide for emerging companies, and we will also have an official stand within the pavilion of the most relevant companies in Spain.

Finally, we will soon be advancing news about new products that we will be launching in 2022, both for companies and individuals, where ICOMs can be used to access services, obtain rewards, discounts, etc. In this way we will all be able to contribute to the growth of ICOM and its community, of which you are a very important part.

This is just a preview of what is to come, the journey has just begun!  

Miguel Angel Perez


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