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Copyright is the rights of creators over their works; that is, a set of norms that affirm the moral and patrimonial rights that the law grants to authors for the fact of creating a work. This includes literary, musical, artistic, scientific or didactic creations.

At the international level, there is a treaty on the protection of copyright of literary and artistic works, the Berne Convention. However, this international convention does not address aspects related to information technology and the Internet, so in 1996 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) created the Copyright Treaty to combat this problem.


TikTok and copyright

While for more traditional works it seems that their copyright is clear, for other newer and digital creations, such as the videos published on the TikTok social network, doubts arise about the existence or not of these rights.

TikTok is a social network where users share short videos in vertical format to share them with the rest of the people belonging to the network. With the increase in the number of users, new purposes have been appearing besides entertainment, such as teaching, product sales or advertising, among others.

Regarding the copyright of these videos, TikTok presents an Intellectual Property Policy that is convenient to read before publishing content on the network, since in this way you will know the material that the application prohibits and the rights over your videos. The social network makes it clear that the author of the video is the owner and copyright holder of each content published on it, although TikTok can use them for commercial purposes. In addition, it mentions the prohibition of uploading any material on the platform that may involve copyright infringement, hence the penalty for the user to use third-party content without authorization or without a legally valid justification. However, TikTok offers its users the possibility of giving a free license so that others can download their videos.

As for the music that can be used on the platform, it is legal to use since the network pays for the license to use it in order to offer its members a library of songs free of legal problems.


Davcopy as a video recording platform

Despite the restrictions that TikTok places on those who misuse the content of others, having a record of the videos that you have already published on the network or that you are going to share will serve as reliable and secure proof of ownership against third parties who use them without your authorization. That is why iCommunity Labs presents its solution Davcopy.com: the first web application in Spain specialized in the certified registration of copyrights for the audiovisual sector. The first effective solution for video creators who suffer the constant plagiarism of their pieces on social networks, such as Instagram or TikTok.

With Davcopy your videos are registered in blockchain in just 4 steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form and verify your identity, so that your records have legal validity.
  2. Acquire credits to upload your video to the general panel and we will encrypt it and register its digital trace in blockchain. This process also generates a time stamp, which will also guarantee the exact date and time you made the registration.
  3. Download the certificate with all the registration data and always keep your original file to maintain the validity of the registration.
  4. Share your certificate with whoever you want, to make it known that what you have created is yours.

Also with Davcopy you can generate an NFT of your creation and monetize it in any marketplace, or simply share it with your followers as an exclusive gift, increasing your engagement with them.


Do you have a video, photo, script or video creation that you need to protect? Try Davcopy now and take advantage of the discounts for individuals and companies.

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