Automatically calculates your environmental impact

CO2 certification to offset
your business’ emissions

It monetizes the CO2 that is not sent into the atmosphere, calculates and tokenizes the surplus energy from the daily business activities so it can be sold to third parties. Strengthen your corporate social strategy.

Are you offsetting your CO2 emissions well? iCommunity makes it easy for you. Fulfill your business commitment to sustainability and offsetting. Guarantee the traceability and reliability of information.


Lack of detailed knowledge of the CO2 emissions produced by your company.

Reputational risk generated by the lack of commitment and responsibility with climate change.

Lack of transparency and certification in the management of CO2 emission offsets.

Lack of agency to implement effective compensation processes.

How does it work?

iCommunity collaborates with Greemko, to offer a 360º solution that allows you to raise awareness by publicizing the individual carbon footprint at the moment, certifying and registering the traceability of transactions using Blockchain technology. It is possible to automatically capture the necessary data from the evidences (invoices, spreadsheets, DCS, others) so it is not necessary to enter them by hand. In this way, the resources required for environmental management are reduced, increasing efficiency and reliability, maintaining the traceability of all data for audits or verifications.

It is a comprehensive solution to structure, consolidate and report all environmental information.

SaaS product for electronic signature certification developed by iCommunity.

CO2 certification

How does it improve my business?

Blockchain technology is one of the innovations with the most potential
to positively impact society and the environment globally.
You will be able to follow up in real time the results with all sorts of analytics, know in detail the habits of travel, structure, consolidate and report all environmental information, and increase reliability by recording the entire process with our technology platform Blockchain last generation.

You will be able to monitor the results in real time with all kinds of analytics, know in detail the travel habits, structure, consolidate and report all the environmental information, and increase reliability by recording the entire process with our Blockchain technology platform from the latest generation:

Digital evidence of carbon footprint data

Marketing and/or market strategy due to the growing demand for a sustainable alternative.

Access to new forms of financing such as green loans.

Comply with the law, and meet the requirements in tenders and / or contracts.

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