Success stories: Tueri, guarantees the security of contracts with blockchain technology.2 min read

Tueri, is an innovative company that is transforming the real estate sector, facilitating and simplifying the tedious management of contracts. They will use the blockchain technology of iCommunity, to guarantee with a more security layer all their processes.

Blockchain is a technology that allows new formulas to create value in many sectors, allowing it to be more efficient and save costs and time. That is one of the objectives of Tueri, a young company that makes it possible for the creation, sending and signing of all documents to stop being a complex task.

They are specialists in the real estate sector, and in providing agents and property managers with a faster and more comfortable way to close a deal. But the company wanted to take a step forward and offer the best guarantee and security to its customers. Blockchain was the answer.

Tueri app

Tueri app

When you have quality tools, products and / or services, you want to put them in value. Tueri was clear when he started using iCommunty’s “blockchain as a service” platform, since the processes in his sector demand a very high degree of security. With blockchain, all parties are guaranteed one more way that each signed contract will be unique and unalterable.

For customers, the way in which the tool is used will not change: contracts are created, sent to be signed, and at the end, a PDF file is generated. The difference, which occurs behind what is seen, is that it will also be certified in blockchain, offering a unique degree of trust in the real estate sector. And for Tueri, this integration process with iCommunity only took a few hours of work, thanks to our simple API in a few steps they were able to begin to validate without risks, the possibilities of blockchain in their business model.

In this way, Tueri stands out from the competition with a new, disruptive and affordable technology for its customers, providing new services with high added value, making significant progress in its digitization process in the sector.


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