The social network Twitter has been able to detect and strengthened the trend that was gaining more and more strength among users of its network, allowing now an NFT to be uploaded as a profile photo whose authentication will be verified by OpenSea.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) represent unique, indivisible, permanent and irreplaceable assets that can replicate elements of the real world or natively created in the digital world. The non-fungible characteristic of this type of token means that no two NFTs are alike, so that it serves as an identifier of the token’s owner.

It was in Bitcoin where the commercialization of the first NFTs (playing cards and collectible memes) began, but in early 2017 the Ethereum smart contract network began to enter the world of non-fungible tokens and began to capture the interest of people becoming the largest NFT platform today.

The origin of non-fungible tokens is in the early days of this industry, however, their appeal has been growing and a large number of initiatives such as digital art have emerged. Many artists have started using NFT tokens to generate a fully digital artwork or to certify the authenticity of a physical piece in the digital world.

One of the most popular marketplaces specialized in the commercialization of NFTs is OpenSea, where it is necessary to have a wallet to be able to buy these assets or upload your own and sell them. This is why the partnership between Twitter and this marketplace makes sense.


An NFT as a profile picture on Twitter 

Since January, the partnership between Twitter and OpenSea has offered the option of linking our wallet to the profile with the NFTs we have purchased and, above all, the possibility of identifying those users who have an NFT image of which they are owners.

To make it known, the social network made a tokenization tutorial that was shared through the official Twitter Blue profile where it shows the steps to verify an NFT and put it as a profile photo.

In principle, this tool can only be accessed if we are users of Twitter Blue (a premium service of the social network) and if we have the iOS operating system, although it may open to more users in the future. And, although, for now the options offered are only those mentioned above, it may allow us new applications in the future and even have greater control over image rights.

However, apart from the good reception that the initiative launched by Twitter has had among the public, there are also detractors such as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who sees the unnecessary expenditure of engineering resources that the company has spend on this action rather than on issues that his feel are of greater importance.

Despite possible criticism, more and more social networks are betting on new technologies and it can be seen how Reddit is following in Twitter’s footsteps by testing the NFT profile picture function.