We already have them! 50 winners of the €25,000 airdrop!1 min read

We are very happy about this news. These are the 50 winners of the €25000 ICOM tokens draw, which we have made among all the users who have participated in the promotion by buying in Phase 1 of the public sale.


From iCommunity we want to thank the whole community for participating and being part of this great journey to democratize blockchain technology, and make it reach everyone.  Each of the winners will receive 2500 ICOM (€500) as a thank you. All winners will be contacted by email to confirm their prize and the tokens will be credited to their account in the coming days.

  1. Adil B.
  2. Axel S.
  3. Ayman D.L.
  4. Carlos J.O.
  5. Carlos R. P.
  6. Deborah W.
  7. Eladio M.
  8. Fang G.
  9. Francisco A.
  10. Francisco S.
  11. German L.
  12. Héctor Z.
  13. Henry C.
  14. Iker G.
  15. Ildefonso T.
  16. Jaime C.
  17. Jan C.
  18. Janet R.
  19. José Andrés P.
  20. Josep Vicente R.
  21. Joseph R.
  22. Justo Y.
  23. Kevin d. M.
  24. Leyre A.
  25. Lorenzo C.
  26. Luis Alberto R.
  27. Luisa B.
  28. Luna L.
  29. Manuel Antonio F.
  30. Marcelino R.
  31. Maria H.
  32. Maria-Antonia C.
  33. Mohamed L.
  34. Najat A.
  35. Oliver P.
  36. Orlando S.
  37. Pablo B.
  38. Pablo Martín E.
  39. Patrick B.
  40. Ricard B.
  41. Roman G-K.
  42. Saida G.
  43. Sergio M.
  44. Soraya Ll.
  45. Stephen M.
  46. Tan Jun Ch.
  47. Vicente José A.
  48. Víctor T.
  49. Yasmina Albert
  50. Yolanda Marina G.

You didn’t win, that’s OK! Follow us on RRSS to be updated on more promotions.


  • Tokens will be credited to your account within a maximum of 7 days from publication.
  • The tokens received from the airdrops launched from 01/01/2022 and until the end of phase 1 of the public sale, will be blocked for 5 months after the listing on the exchange, just like the purchases of that phase.
  • Only one participation per user and verified account will be allowed.



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