We launched CertyFile.com! New document certification product in blockchain1 min read

As we already announced, we started this new year with the development of verticals oriented to all types of users (companies and individuals), thus CertyFile was born.

CertyFile is a new product that is simple in appearance, but innovative inside, because, unlike the competition, it not only allows to certify in blockchain all types of documents (contracts, minutes of meetings, training certificates, etc.) but also allows the registration of all digital content that can be stored in a file (powerpoints, spreadsheets, designs, photos, audios, etc.).

And all this, IN ONE CLICK!

CertyFile makes it easier for all users, including individuals, to use blockchain technology to certify their digital content, which is known as digital notarization, in a simpler way and for less than 1€.


CertyFile Advantages


The application allows the notarization process to be public or private, depending on whether the user wants to make public their personal data associated with each certification. In addition, it allows to share the certification proofs through different channels (email, whatsapp, etc.) with other people.

CertyFile works with credits that can be acquired through the purchase of different packs, and soon it will be possible to use the native token of iCommunity (ICOM) as a means of access to services.

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