We launched Musicdibs.com! The first platform in Spain to register the copyright of artists with blockchain.1 min read

We’re launching musicdibs.com, with a great introductory offer for the first 1,000 subscribers this June: 70% off forever!

Musicdibs.com democratizes copyright registration, providing a digitalized and decentralized certification that makes the process cheaper and easier. When registering a work, a certificate is generated that is linked to the user’s identity, which is previously verified to ensure its legitimacy. This certification is a reliable and secure proof of belonging, thanks to cryptography and blockchain, which offers a decentralized, transparent and immutable database.

If it is not registered, it is not your work.

Musicdibs.com is a disruptive alternative to traditional registration platforms, helping all kinds of artists, professionals and amateurs, eliminating the fear of possible plagiarism by sharing their works on music networks and platforms.


The operation of the application is very simple. In a few clicks you can verify your identity, upload a file and certify it. Likewise, it allows the notarization process to be public or private, depending on whether the user wants to make their personal data associated with each certification public. It also allows you to share the certification tests through different channels (email, whatsapp, RRSS, etc.) with other people.

Musicdibs works with credits that can be acquired through the purchase of different packs and annual subscription. Soon it will be possible to use the iCommunity native token (ICOM) as a means of access to services.

Register NOW, and get your subscription with 70% discount FOREVER!



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