We launches Davcopy.com! The first application in Spain to register copyright in the audiovisual sector with blockchain2 min read

We are launching davcopy.com with a launch discount of 70% for life for the first subscriptions this July.

Davcopy.com (Decentralized Audiovisual Copyright) is presented as the first web application specialised in Spain in the certified registration of copyright for the audiovisual sector. Davcopy provides a digitalised and decentralised certification that makes the process of registering any audiovisual work cheaper and easier: scripts, short films, feature films, videos for networks, advertising, archive audiovisual pieces, etc.  It is the first effective solution for video creators who suffer from constant plagiarism of their pieces on social networks such as Instagram or TikTok.

When a work is registered, a certificate is generated that is linked to the user’s identity, which is previously verified to ensure its legitimacy. This certification is a reliable and secure proof of membership, thanks to cryptography and blockchain, which offers a decentralised, transparent and immutable database.

DavCopy is a disruptive alternative to traditional registration platforms, helping all types of professionals: filmmakers, producers, scriptwriters, videographers, youtubers, tiktokers…etc. Eliminating the fear of possible plagiarism and commercial exploitation by a third party when distributing their content on public networks.

The web application allows the notarisation process to be public or private, depending on whether the user wants to make public their personal data associated with each certification. In addition, it allows certification proofs to be shared through different channels (email, WhatsApp, social media, etc.) with other people.

DavCopy works with credits that can be acquired through the purchase of different packs, and annual subscription. Soon it will be possible to use the iCommunity native token (ICOM) as a means of access to the services.


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