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A Powerful White Labeling Solution to Showcase your Brand Identity

Enjoy complete control over your digital cerficates visuals by opting for our premium white-labeled customization.

Join the innovation and increase audience engagement.

Web3 whitelabeling

Web3 is a trend focused on offering new applications based on concepts such as decentralization, security, transparency, traceability and tokenization.

Many entrepreneurs want to pioneer this technology, but it is difficult and expensive. That is why we present a ready to use solution based on the white label licensing of our certification blockchain-based products, so that you can launch your own innovative business, even without the need for a previous application or technical knowledge.

In a few days you will be able to provide your clients with valuable services based on the certification or generation of evidence in blockchain, with a functional product, tested in the market and fully adapted to your needs in record time.

A flexible solution for multiple business



  • Asset management
  • Process traceability
  • QA
  • Software protection



  • Defaults notification
  • Claims register
  • Transaction log
  • Payments tracking



  • Customer notifications
  • Audit Certification
  • Software updates registration
  • Data custody chain



  • Policy cancellation
  • Incidents statement
  • Registry of procedures
  • Customer notifications
  • Claims register

Real estate

Real estate

  • Non-payments
  • Incidents with the rental
  • Damage notices
  • Nonconformities
  • Community Agreements

Human resources

Human resources

  • Casualty record
  • Certification of schedules
  • Incident registration
  • Complaints channel



  • Registry of sentences
  • Lien evidences
  • Customer notifications
  • Proof of claims



  • Certified diplomas
  • Congresses attendance
  • Online training
  • Webinar attendance

Products available:


Why choose a Whitelabel?

What people say about us

iCommunity has turned our supply chain into a value chain.”

Ignacio Ribera, CEO, Estrella Galicia

With Certyfile we have expanded our services, which has allowed us to access new clients”

Jose Bravo, CEO, Legadier Attorneys

Thanks to Whitelabel Web3 we have validated and launched our new business very quickly and cheaply”

Carlos Rodrigo, CEO, Rolaz Group

Musicdibs has allowed us to offer our artists the possibility of directly certyfing their compositions”

Juan Pedro Miranda, Producer, Estudio Silencio


We offer an inicial session of consulting and strategic analysis completely free of charge to define the best action course for your business.

Initial setup


  • Blockchain evidence generation module

  • Complete and personalized landing page.

  • Plugins configuration.

  • Clients communication flow configuration.

  • Personalization of texts, colors and corporate logos.

  • Product module (shop) configuration

  • Billing module configuration.

  • Payment gateway integration (Stripe).

  • NFT generation module (coming soon)

  • Final deployment in cloud infrastructure.

*Operating costs not included

*Operating costs not included

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