As you know the countdown for the public sale has begun and in this article we are going to show you the options we have available to get free ICOM tokens. In this way we thank the entire iCOMuniters community for supporting the project and waiting for the eagerly awaited PHASE 1.

Our rewards program was built to compensate the users who support iCommunity Labs with an array of different promotional actions.


What are the options?

Phase 1 starts on 4 April at 21:00 CET, Madrid time, and from iCommunity we offer three options for you to get ICOMs for free: Airdrop, Bounty and Referrals. Below, we explain each of them:


First of all, we have the airdrop campaign which consists of several promotional actions summarised in the following infographic:


What’s better than winning ICOMs with your friends? The referral program offers 25 ICOM for each friend you invite that registers on our web and make their first purchase using your personal coupon. And they will also get 25 ICOMs thanks to you!

In just three steps:

  1. Register.
  2. Share your personal cupon.
  3. You get a bonus in ICOMs, and your friend gets another bonus for their first purchase.

Important details:

  • Your friends must make the purchase using a new account and not through any prior one. In cases of multiple purchases, referral coupons will only be rewarded with the FIRST PURCHASE.
  • Your friends must complete a purchase of 100€ or more so that both of you get the reward.
  • Be aware that the purchase must be made within 180 days of the account registration. The tokens will be credited to both your accounts in 7 to 15 business days after purchase confirmation.
  • The tokens destined to the referral, airdrop, and bounty programs, as well as pre-sale bonuses, correspond to one-third of the 15% of the total supply assigned to marketing (totaling 5 million tokens). Once this amount is reached, the aforementioned programs will cease.



For users who have their own communication channels related to the subject and with lots of followers (blogs, social media, forums…) we offer several collaboration possibilities. E-mail us your channel information to with the subject “marketing collaboration bounty”, and we will be in touch.


Don’t wait until the last day and get your free ICOM tokens!