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About iCommunity

iCommunity Labs is a BaaS (blockchain as a service) platform that works as a SaaS, to enable every company to integrate blockchain technology in their projects in an easy, fast, and very economic way through a monthly subscription. It allows companies to build high-value applications to enhance their transparency, quality, and efficiency.

iCommunity is low-code and technology agnostic, providing interoperability between blockchains (multichain) and different “API-Products” and use cases to facilitate its adoption by companies, eliminating the need to program blockchain.

iCommunity Labs, has been selected at several of the main start-up acceleration processes, nationally and internationally, such as Open Future of Telefónica–Wayra, Lanzadera, Desafía Tel Aviv 2020, Desafía San Francisco 2020, and The venture City. It has also gotten into both of the most prestigious and competitive I+D financing processes for technology-based companies: NEOTEC and Proyecto Cervera 2020 – ranking in the top 20 companies, with a score of 83,5 out of 100. iCommunity Labs has also won some of the most relevant challenges from big corporations in the year 2020: The Hop Estrella Galicia, Reto Imsomni- AENOR, Premios Cel Logística 2020, Premios de Emprendimiento AEEN / METXA, Red Netmentora 2020…etc. Besides, it was awarded the Best Spanish Blockchain Start-Up in the South Europe Startup Awards 2019, and its four founding members won the AllStartup award from Demium Startup incubator, a reference event to the recruitment of entrepreneurial talent.

iCommunity Labs is officially registered in the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as a Trusted Electronic Services Provider (ETSP). iCommunity Labs’ technology has also been audited and verified by the official auditors from the Spanish government CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology).

About the ICOM

The ICOM token is the utility token for iCommunity Labs’ platform, that will be used to access its services and ecosystem:

  • Hiring services from the platform.
  • Rewards (fidelity points, offers, etc).
  • Governance votes (product updates, new use cases, etc).

This is a brief summary of the phases until the release of the pre-sale tokens. You can consult the complete information in the “ICOM Token Operation” section of the website and the whitepaper.

  1. We will launch PHASE 1 of the pre-sale on September 20, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. (Madrid time, Spain) and it will be available until half of the reserved tokens are sold (7,500,000 ICOM or € 375,000), with a time limit until midnight on September 21, 2021 (Madrid time, Spain). The unsold tokens in the 1st PHASE will be offered in the 2nd PHASE that will begin on September 28, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. (Madrid time, Spain) and will be available until it is completed, with a time limit of until the 31 December 2021 at 3:00 p.m. (Madrid time, Spain), that is, the pre-sale of tokens can have a maximum duration of 3 months and 15% of our “ICOM” token will be distributed, with a discount of more than 65 % in the final price. These tokens will be credited to your account at, (prior registration) and can be exchanged for iCommunity’s blockchain services in the first quarter of 2022. SOLD-OUT!!
  2. In the 1Q of 2022, we will launch the public sale, with a minimum price per token of € 0.20. This public sale, we are negotiating with Coinlist, Binance, Kucoin & others, to turn it into an IEO on its platform, something very beneficial that would go up that will give the token more liquidity.
  3. After the public sale is finished, we will list the ICOM token on various exchanges such as: uniswap and (in negotiations with other major ones, which we will announce soon) and users will be able to withdraw them to their compatible wallet.

In summary, if you are a pre-sale buyer, you will have to be patient, and be aware that the period until the token is released and listed in exhange will be long, and it may take until 2Q or more than 2022. This strategy is for the benefit of all, and its objective is to favor the revaluation of the token at the time of listing it. In compensation, the price of the token is the best possible, with more than 65% discount from the public sale. In addition, you will be eligible for various promotions such as airdropes where you can earn more ICOM tokens.

After the public sale is over. The public sale is scheduled for 1Q 2022 but this may be delayed due to negotiations with the exchanges to do the IEO. If the public sale does not take place during 2022, ICOM tokens can be claimed and users can withdraw them to their compatible wallet. And iCommunity, undertakes to list them in various exchanges such as: uniswap and / or (in negotiations with other important ones, which we will announce soon).

The tokens will be listed upon departure by various exchanges such as: uniswap and, and we are on the waiting list in the acceleration process for Coinlist and Binance to be eligible for an IEO on their platforms (in negotiations with other important , which we will announce soon). This will happen at the end of the public sale, during the first and / or second quarter of 2022.
(iCommunity cannot guarantee this information, since it still depends on the times and negotiations with the exchanges to qualify for the IEO)

The ICOM token is an ERC-20 token therefore any wallet compatible with ERC-20 tokens is valid, as long as you own its private secret key. We recommend the use of Metamask. Exchange directions ARE NOT ACCEPTED. iCommunity Labs will not be held responsible for the loss of funds in case of transaction errors.

Here is a tutorial to help you create a Metamask wallet in case you don’t have one.


Yes. We need to identify users through a simple KYC system, (Know Your Customer), where we will ask you for a photograph of your ID, and a selfie to collate the information. The estimated registration time is 1 minute and in less than 15 days we will verify your account to be able to operate.

NO. Never will iCommunity Labs sell tokens at a price lower than € 0.05.

About the rewards program

The referral program allows you to win a bonus for each friend you invite that makes their first purchase of 100.00€ or more using your personal coupon.

Important details:

  • Your friends must make the purchase using a new account and have no prior one.
  • Your friend must complete the purchase of 100.00€ or more so that both of you get the 25 ICOM (5€) reward.
  • Be aware that the purchase must be made within 180 days of the account creation. The tokens will be credited to both your accounts in 7 to 15 business days after purchase confirmation.

Here are some reasons why you might be excluded from the referral bonus:

  • We don’t pay bonuses for referrals in duplicated or fake accounts. Double or shared finances will be disqualified.
  • If the invited user makes the purchase after 180 days of the account creation, no one will receive the bonus.
  • If the invited makes the purchase but forgets to input the coupon or does it in the wrong place, we won’t be able to credit the bonus.
  • The bonus and rewards program is limited.

More details:

  • You can share your personal coupon by e-mail, SMS, or any of your favorite applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter…
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer to us, but you only get the bonus once for each friend when they make their first purchase, and it must be of at least 100.00€.

The airdrop & bounty program consists of several social media promotion tasks, as well as the verified registration in the public sale. The rewards will only be bestowed upon the users who perform the action correctly and in good faith as detailed on the rewards page. We won’t give rewards to actions performed in fake or duplicated accounts, and those that promote misconceptions and fraud in the campaign. iCommunity Labs reserves the right to change and/or cancel this campaign at its convenience.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to guarantee the payment of every account referred to us given the limitations mentioned above and the fraud risk, but we will make an effort in good faith to deliver the rewards as much as possible. Besides, iCommunity Labs reserves the right to change the terms of the referral, airdrop, and bonus programs at any moment if we reach the limit of reserved tokens if we detect fraud risks or any other reasons we deem important.

To the pre-sale referral, airdrop, bounty, and bonus campaigns we dedicated 1/3 (5 million ICOM) from the 15% of the total supply dedicated to marketing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Purchase procedure

Registration on our web is mandatory before you can be allowed to buy in the pre-sale. The process is very simple and safe:
1. Fill out the registration form at the Whitelist page

2. Verify your identity at the “profile” tab of your account. Besides, we’ll give you 200 ICOM as a gift!
The verification can take up to 48 hours to be completed.

3. Once your account is verified and purchase is enable, click on the “Buy” button at the upper right corner of your “wallet” tab. The next sale opening date is December 21 at 9:30 p.m. (Madrid) *.

* NOTE: still pending confirmation, depending on the development of exchanges negotiations

4. At the shop, the ICOMs are arranged in packages. You can choose the combination of packs you want, to make up the total amount you wish to purchase. From here you can go two ways:

  1. Click on the product name or on “details” (which becomes visible once your mouse is placed above the pack you intend to buy). It will take you to that pack’s page.
  2. Click “Add to cart” (which becomes visible once your mouse is placed above the pack you intend to buy). It will add the product to the cart, but allow you to keep shopping.

4.1. On this page, you can see the details of each product. By clicking the “Add to cart” button you’ll be redirected to the cart page.

5. On the cart page, you can click on “Keep Shopping” to go back to the store and choose other packs or review your order and remove packs.

6. If you have a friend’s personal coupon now is the time to use it. On the blue rectangle at the upper right corner, you should right the coupon code and click on the “Apply coupon” button. If it’s a valid coupon your cart will be automatically updated to show your bonus. Remember that you can only use other people’s coupon, one per purchase, and the bonus is only awarded once, with your first purchase.
7. When you are ready click the “Proceed to checkout” button.

8. At the checkout, you must finish filling in your billing information, review one last time your purchase, and choose a payment method. At the moment we have three options:

  1. Direct bank transfer: by choosing this method you must transfer the full value of the purchase to our bank account using your name and order number as a reference. The order number will be the first information available once you click the “Place order” button.
  2. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: by choosing this method you’ll be redirected to Coinbase, where you can choose which crypto you wish to use as payment. You must send the exact amount and have one hour to complete the transaction. Remember, when paying with crypto be sure to choose the SAFEST network for your transaction, not the cheaper, to avoid losses.
  3. Credit card: by choosing this method you can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

9. Once you place your order we’ll send you an email to let you know we got it. When we confirm the payment, we’ll transfer the ICOM to your account in up to 72 hours.

Do you still have questions?

If you have other questions not answered here, send us a message on our contact page.