Declaration of intents

We are well aware of the enormous responsibility we contracted, and because of this, we have a declaration of intent: we are humbly committed to striving every day to improve as individuals and human beings, and to promote the adoption of collective values that enhance our relationships.

We believe ethical core values: responsibility, integrity, respect, honesty, and fairness are the basis for constructive relationships. Our goal is to demonstrate that compliance with these values also generates palpable benefits by recognizing reputation and trust as an asset. We want to promote all these values in our projects.

About us:

iCommunity Labs democratizes access to blockchain technology as a lever to boost the digital transformation of any business process or organization. Our technology is adapted to the needs of companies to make them safer, more efficient and more competitive. We solve real problems and add value to our clients, with the aim of being at the forefront of innovation.

The iCommunity Labs Team

Executive Summary

iCommunity Labs comes to boost and enable access to blockchain technology. It comes to democratize and permanently extend its adoption in the real world: companies and their customers. Enough of experiments and costly tests which are not scalable… let’s democratize once and for all this technology to allow all companies to apply this promising technology quickly, easily and inexpensively. iCommunity Labs wants to be for the blockchain what web browsers were in Internet history to the Internet: the means to spread the technology so everyone can benefit from it. Let’s see how we do it.

iCommunity Labs is a flexible and powerful ecosystem of services and tools for Blockchain technology, designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations seeking to obtain the benefits of such technology without the inherent costs and efforts of implementing their own blockchain infrastructure.

And the core of this ecosystem is the iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS) platform.

iBS is designed to narrow the existing gap between business organizations and blockchain technology, offering this technology as a service. Therefore, the iBS platform allows any company in any industry to deploy Blockchain in its business without having to deal with costly technological projects in addition to saving on implementation costs and the cost related to the maintenance of the infrastructure and evolution of technology.

iBS works as a SaaS, providing all the necessary services to customers and allowing users to access all the advantages of an API. This is what we call EBaaS or Enterprise Blockchain-as-a- Service. The EBaaS allows companies and customers, in general, to take advantage of cloud-based and already implemented solutions, to build and host: an existing token, smart contracts and blockchain functions, while the platform provider manages all necessary tasks and activities to maintain an agile and operational infrastructure. This greatly facilitates the adoption of blockchain in business.

In summary:

  • iBS provides a fast, low-cost and low-risk way for companies to adopt this technology backed by a cloud platform with the highest possible level of security and transparency.
  • iBS is the required catalyst to trigger a much wider and deeper penetration of blockchain technology in all industrial and business industries.
  • With iCommunity Labs, any large or small enterprise will be able to simply “outsource” all the necessary technical work and infrastructure instead of creating and deploying their own blockchain from scratch. This way, they will be able to focus on their core activities and their business without having to worry about the underlying technology.

Our mission: make blockchain technology easy and accessible for all, democratizing its use and decentralizing business models.

We bring blockchain technology to businesses and people in an easy, fast and affordable way.


People and businesses are more and more willing to adapt to new technologies. However, the technical complexity and operational costs involved in the creation, configuration, operation and maintenance of blockchain technology and required infrastructure act as barriers for mass adoption. iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS) has come to resolve all these problems:

iBS is a platform that allows companies to benefit from cloud- based and ready to use blockchain solutions, providing everything needed to implement blockchain technology:

  • Existing utility tokens to access iBS services
  • Access to write and read/query to multiple private and public decentralized database (DTLs)
  • Distributed storage services
  • Robust KYC capabilities based on blockchain ID protocols
  • Smart contracts
  • Fully management of wallets

Additionally, iCommunity Labs will take care of all the necessary tasks to keep an agile and operational infrastructure with access to state-of-art decentralized ledger technologies. Adoption of the blockchain is hugely simplified since it dramatically shortens the implementation time needed while reducing associated operation and maintenance costs, enabling companies to worry only about their business logic.

Some of the benefits of this approach:

  • It allows customers to outsource the provision of basic services advantageously, among these, the routine activities that provide no differentiating value.
  • Reduction of costs, both capital and operational.
  • It allows organizations to vary their use capacity (by a Service Level Agreement) according to their specific needs.
  • The period between the purchase decision and obtaining real business value is reduced to days. It is also ideal for testing and creating prototypes or proofs of concept. If it fails, the cost is considerably lower than if it had been built from scratch.
  • The cost is predictable and it’s “pay-per-use”, so it’s easy to adapt any of these to an economy of scale.
  • Guaranteed backup service, which ensures the recovery of all data and the whole system at all times.

In summary, iBS provides a fast, low-cost and low-risk way for companies to adopt the technology and benefit from an already created ecosystem, backed by a cloud platform with the highest levels of security and transparency. iBS is the perfect catalyst to trigger a much wider and deeper penetration of blockchain technology in all industrial and business industries.

Background and current problems

Blockchain technology is one of the most promising trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has been expanding during the last few years with adoption across all types of companies. Several surveys estimate that at least 70% of the organizations will have some involvement with blockchain in the next few years.

However, blockchain is creating an incipient, fragmented and unpredictable ecosystem considering the lack of standardization and interoperability between the different technologies. Mainly due to the widespread uses and the limited number of qualified professionals, the adoption of commercial uses has been hard and slow.

Today’s incipient, fragmented and unpredictable blockchain ecosystem makes enterprise adoption hard and slow.

Therefore, there is a technological need in the market to provide a simple, global, transparent, and interoperable solution capable of joining all blockchain technologies and tools to boost its adoption across interested companies.

iCommunity wants to solve this need with its expert team, leading the democratization of global blockchain technologies.

On top of everything else, every company that has ventured to explore this technology to date has developed its own blockchain use case, creating their own development, their own token, their own smart contracts and more. Everything has been made ad hoc from scratch for each case. There are thousands of different tokens, most of which have no value beyond each particular use case, trying to increase their value in decentralized exchanges, which is making the vast majority of blockchain application projects fail.

Each company is working alone when it turns out that many of the use cases are 80% applicable to other companies in the same industry (addressing the necessary customizations for each specific case). Huge resources are dedicated to developing the same use cases again and again, which makes no sense (more so taking into account the difficulties involved with these projects).

What is the market for Blockchain-as-a-Service?

The Blockchain market is valued at more than 2.5 billion euros, and it is expected to keep growing in the following 5 years to over 200 billion euros, with a current dominance of the USA market, but where the European and LATAM markets are rapidly growing.

According to the recent study published by Gartner, the billing associated with the public cloud (“as-a-service” models) worldwide will grow by +21% during this year. In total, we are targeting a market of nothing less than 200 billion dollars.

The rapid growth of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) segment contributes to these extraordinary numbers, with an increased rate of 36% year-on-year and estimated revenue of 41 billion dollars for the current year.

Of course, SaaS is still the king of the public cloud, as this layer of cloud continues to grow at a good pace, 22% this year, up to 74 billion dollars of turnover.

And the most important: Gartner estimates that by 2022 SaaS applications will already account for 45% of all software spending in the world. And this is where the great potential of the EBaaS model can be glimpsed since it continues the disruption and innovation of the technology along with the big advantages of the SaaS model.

Thus, the EBaaS approach provides a fast, low-cost and low-risk way for organizations to adopt this technology and benefit from an already created ecosystem, supported by a cloud platform with the highest level of security and transparency possible.

And this is where our solution iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS) comes in: an EBaaS platform that enables this new business model to be added to the success of other “as-a-Service models”, already widely validated in the market and with enormous potential and profitability as we have seen.

Why EBaaS platform?

Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service (EBaaS) model constitutes a proposal that allows companies and customers, in general, to take advantage of cloud-based solutions already implemented to build, host and provide an existing token, smart contracts and blockchain functions, while the platform provider manages all the necessary tasks and activities to keep the infrastructure agile and operational. Therefore, the adoption of blockchain is dramatically simplified. It is based and works similarly to the concept of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Therefore, the adoption of blockchain is dramatically simplified. It is based and works similarly to the concept of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Platform benefits

Business model

Based on a “pay-for-service” model, (as-a-service) the revenue model is similar to that of SaaS. Pricing model:

  • Monthly fee (subscription) for using a specific iBS use case (certification of contracts, degrees, jobs, etc.). This fee includes its maintenance and operation.
  • Cost per use is based upon the number of API calls done by each user.


Technology: iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS)-Platform

iCommunity offers a flexible and powerful platform that includes a simple API service and complementary dashboard tools working with blockchain technology designed to meet the needs of companies and businesses that seek to obtain the benefits of this technology without the inherent cost and effort of developing their own blockchain infrastructure and technical knowledge.

This “iCommunity Blockchain Solution” (IBS) platform, it currently solves the main problem of being able to bring this technology to companies of all sizes, along with new accessories and others to come in the roadmap and which we will show later in this whitepaper.

Our solution constantly pursues the combination of results of the simplicity of integration of companies such as stripe + the added value services of companies such as Netflix or others focused on offering quality results, continuous service, and low costs.

iCommunity Labs continuously worked on the democratization of blockchain.

iBS is the first multi-chain platform to offer “Enterprise Blockchain- as-a-service” to incorporate blockchain capabilities in a self-service and low-code API.

The multi-chain layer connects the different external apps with different blockchain networks (private and/or public), allowing our clients to carry out transactions with the most suitable network.

The platform is responsible for the continuous maintenance of the connections to the different networks, updates, new network incorporations, and easy simple change from one to another and in a transparent way and that generates greater interest for customers.

Benefits of the iBS platform

Upcoming developments

Digital Identity

Fácil proceso de registro y KYC que genera automáticamente carteras personales gestionadas de forma transparente por iCommunity. Proporcionado principalmente por dos componentes:

Los robustos algoritmos patentados de iCommunity garantizan la seguridad y privacidad de los datos. La identidad digital anónima con capacidades de prueba de conocimiento cero se proporciona de acuerdo con los requisitos legales vigentes. Los datos personales y de identidad pueden estar completamente separados de otros datos cuando se utilizan con terceros.

La clave de API personal privada se proporciona a cada usuario para que se conecte a la plataforma iBS junto con la contraseña generada por el usuario para iniciar sesión en su área de panel privada.

Estos componentes, además del algoritmo de código abierto creado por iCommunity, garantizan la integridad y persistencia de los datos y transacciones de los usuarios incluso si iCommunity eventualmente desapareciera.

New NFT services module.

The new development of the NFT services module, called iBS-NFT, will provide a set of tools and support to facilitate the development of applications on different blockchain, from games, to NFT markets and exchange platforms. In addition, iBS-NFT, takes advantage of the interoperable potential of the platform, to minimize network costs, and give the possibility of operating on the different standards of the non-fungible token ecosystem.

Easy Single all-purposes API

Connect with iBS blockchain capabilities to write, read and certify any data from any software with just a few lines of code in its own native coding language.

Each specific use case and business logic (traceability, contract management, etc.) is managed by each client’s software with full control from its software while providing the needed blockchain capabilities through iCommunity API.

Multi-vitamin Dashboard

Clients and developers have access to iCommunity support dashboard to control and monitor transactions with visual and intuitive set-up and help tools.

These “vitamins” tools and functions work along and complement the iBS API to customize set-up easily with no-code modifications required.

  • Get a log of transactions with a link of the blockchain record and, if applicable, access to archived raw files. IPFS encrypted.
  • Technical documentation and tools for developers such as Swagger and Postman.
  • Webhooks aggregator. Just a click to benefit from this functionality.
  • Checker of transactions and certificates. Users can check the time-stamp and integrity of certified data in blockchain from an URL API’s request or manual input of hash query.
  • Enable-disable decentralized IPFS storage of data that may be encrypted or not under demand.
Additional “vitamins” functionalities (coming soon):
  • Enable-disable decentralized Filecoin.io storage of data that may be encrypted or not under demand.
  • Reverse checker of certified files/data in blockchain.
  • Payment of iBS services by ICOMs, iCommunity’s utility token.
  • Automatized control of billing, payments and acquisition of ICOMs.
  • API’s templates selector: variation in functionalities and set-up at the code level with no need to modify or add extra code to the original integration already done.
  • Selector of transaction plans of the different networks, offers, combinations…
  • Automatic issuing and mining of ERC-20 and/or NFT with the creation of needed wallets for each use case.
  • An extensive library of customizable smart contracts, provided by iCommunity or third parties, available for use and already integrated with iBS API.

Innovations of the iBS platform & Competitive advantage

iBS already has a working API product where blockchain capabilities are ready to be used and scale while other competitors’ proposals rely on future promises and ad hoc developments.

  • Interoperability problems between different blockchains/DLTs are resolved, easing integration and transparency of each business application.
  • Different types of businesses are put together, especially those that have no resources to carry out in-house projects.
  • Implementation of business models based on tokenized assets is simplified.
  • Transparency and anti-fraud barriers are enhanced.
  • The easiest API use and connection thanks to the low code proposal.
  • Vitamin dashboard – Click-based add-ons to our API
  • Business transactions are less expensive and faster as manual procedures are automatized through smart contracts.

OX ECO-Protocol

iCommunity is already working in its proprietary “OX ECO-protocol”, an algorithm to manage multiple transactions from different sources and clients so they can be processed jointly within public networks such as Ethereum, so mining cost and energy are dramatically reduced while there is no loss of granularity nor persistence of data.

This protocol will work as a first-layer solution. iBS does not save any transaction, thus reducing possible risks and maintaining all the value of the direct transfer on the network.

How companies are using iCommunity?

iCommunity has relevant clients who are leaders in their industry.

Legal and regulatory framework of the ICOM Token

As of the publication of this Whitepaper, there is no specific regulation in Spain or at the European Union level that governs the issuance and offering of digital assets such as the ICOM Token.

Digital assets pose specific challenges, as there may be a lack of clarity about how regulatory frameworks apply to the issuance and offering of such assets. ESMA and certain National Competent Authorities (including the CNMV) have made statements interpreting and clarifying the implementation of current regulations on certain digital assets, in particular concerning the implementation of current regulation of securities markets.

Some Member States have already enacted specific rules for the issuance and offering of digital assets (e.g. France, Liechtenstein and Germany). At the European level, no specific regulation has been formally announced, but it cannot be ruled out.

The ICOM is NOT designed to be used as a means of payment for any goods or services that are provided outside of the iCommunity ecosystem. And it does not represent in any way any participation, right, title, or interest in the entities that develop the ecosystem. Any distributor of the ICOM Token on platforms, exchanges, affiliates and/or companies that are not affiliated and/or official partners of the iCommunity Labs ecosystem, is outside and not allowed by iCommunity Labs. The ICOM Token does NOT grant the right to the holders of tokens to any kind of promise of fees, dividends, income, profits, or investment returns, and is not intended to constitute securities of any kind. The ICOM Token can only be used in the ecosystem of iCommunity Labs and its affiliates and official partners, and the ownership of ICOM does not carry any rights, express or implicit, other than the right to use it as a means to allow use and interaction within the ecosystem.

Ethereum, base of the ICOM Token

The platform, “iCommunity Blockchain Solution” (iBS), is the core of the iCommunity Labs ecosystem, and its unique Token, the “ICOM”, is designed to be its Utility Token. Its main objective is to decentralize and facilitate how it operates within the iBS platform, being the only means of use to acquire and use the different use cases within iBS, and in the rest of the ecosystem, formed by the integrated companies. (companies using iCommunity technology and offering value products/services) affiliates and partners.

With the symbol ‘ICOM’, this token is based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard.

ICOM use cases within the community:

iBS Platform

All the transactions of the platform and services are paid with the ICOM, facilitating the process and freeing it from bank fees for cards or transfers. Each type of transaction or service will have different prices that may vary depending on the type of blockchain network, use case, product or functionality. It will also be used as a vote in governance decisions (product improvements, creation of use cases … etc)

Rewards for using iBS platform

The use of the iBS platform and its use cases will be rewarded with offers and services within the platform and its affiliates (clients and partners who are integrated into the platform and use the ICOM Token in their services), to encourage the use of the ecosystem. Clients who acquire tokens and use the services will be able to benefit from the specific conditions of these, for members of the community.

These rewards will be awarded only in ICOM tokens and will be exchanged only for services on the platform, never for money.

Directory of applications that use iCommunity technology

All companies and developments that connect and make their transactions by iBS platform will do use of the ICOM Token in their projects to take advantage and benefits, promoting a common utility token. The forecast is that, as companies and developments that use the iCommunity Labs platform grow, the ICOM Token will be increasingly in demand.

ICOM Token Operation

The rapid growth of iCommunity services and clients make the ICOM Token a key point, as it is a unique utility Token necessary for the operation of the network. It is the link to optimize, enhance and make the business models of all companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable.

For the proper functioning of the entire infrastructure, iCommunity ensures the operational availability of the Token at all times within its platform capped to the maximum supply stated in this document (100 million).

The total offer is limited to 100 million tokens that will be pre-mined, once this phase is finished. The distribution will be as follows: 15%  pre-sale, 20% public sale, 15% staking, 10% liquidity pool, 15%  team, 15% marketing, 5% advisor & collaborators, 4%  foundation and 1% early backers. Tokens that are not sold in the public sale will be burned.

To ensure the satisfaction of the platform’s client demand, iCommunity Labs will once again put part of the tokens consumed in its services up for sale. With a selective burn%, to enhance the revaluation of the token, which will be based on the supply and demand of platform services. The price will be the one set by the market at that time, guaranteeing that it will never be lower than the minimum pre-sale price, set at € 0.05.

Key data for ICOM Token sale:

Symbol: ICOM

Type: Ethereum ERC-20.

# decimals: 18 digits.

Blockchain: Ethereum.

Minimun token price on IEO/ICO: €0,20 (could be higher, depending on the exchange where the IEO is launched).

Public sale issuance for IEO/ICO: 20 million ICOM (100 million limited total issuance).

Hard Cap: €5M.

Purchase procedures: users can acquire ICOM Tokens, registering on the whitelist, and completing the KYC application form successfully. Once the KYC is verified, they will have operational access to the purchase application.

Compatible Wallets: Any wallet compatible with ERC-20 ethereum tokens is valid, as long as you are the owner of your private key. Metamask addresses and / or equivalents are accepted. Exchange addresses are not supported.

Token Delivery: ICOM tokens will be delivered to the applicant’s wallet address indicated in the registration account when they are released to the market, once the subsequent public sale is completed, in the second quarter of 2022. If the public sale is not possible for reasons unrelated to iCommunity, the company commits to listing the token on Excange throughout 2022. This point may vary, depending on the the subsequent negotiation and procedures for the public sale.

Disclaimer: iCommunity is solely responsible for offering the service associated with the token in the terms indicated, and that any transaction carried out between the holder of a token and a third party, either directly or through any type of platform, will be carried out under its entire responsibility , keeping iCommunity harmless at all times from any obligations or responsibilities, in any area.

Distribution Total supply

Sale: 35% (pre-sale 15%, IEO/ICO 20%) Tokens are a solid tool to acquire customers and motivate them to participate in the platform, which will allow us to take advantage of network effects, and strengthen the entire ecosystem of use cases and affiliates that you already have in Community.

Staking: 15% tokens, to incentivate token holders (10% APR)

Pool liquidity: 10% tokens, to guarantee tokens availability in exchange plataforms

Marketing: 15%. The promotion of the project is one of the key items to evangelize and publicize the potential of technology in the different industrial sectors.

Advisor & Collaborators: 5%  iCommunity has agreements with top-level consultants and collaborators to support the project in relevant areas such as the legal area, the market launch strategy, the financing strategy, marketing and technological support.

Team: 15%  The team is the key to iCommunity’s success, which is why this item is reserved to incentivize members and retain talent in the project.

iCommunity Foundation: 4%. iCommunity will create a “reserve” fund of Tokens, which will serve to protect and guarantee the future of the project, if necessary.

Early backers: 1%. Reserve for the first investors of Community.

ICOM Token liquidity

The locking periods will begin to count after the sale is finished and token will be listed. The tokens will be assigned to your account after the purchase and once the blocking periods are over, they can be exchanged for blockchain services within the iCommunity Labs platform. Transfers to external wallet addresses will be approved once the public sale is over. iCommunity Labs reserves the right to modify these times for very justified reasons, which may favor buyers, and which would be communicated in advance.

To see locking period details, please see ICOM website.

Exclusion of dividends, voting rights or participation in the capital

ICOM Tokens do not entitle their holders to participate, either directly or indirectly, in the share capital of iCommunity, vote on decisions that affect iCommunity Labs, or receive any type of dividends. Holders of ICOM Tokens will not be considered the owner of any share, capital, convertible capital, debt, financial note, bond, loan or hybrid instrument in iCommunity, nor an option, right or guarantee on said instruments or any other interest in the capital or management of the Issuer.

The holders of ICOM Tokens will not have any right of first refusal, right of first rejection, right of drag or accompaniment, or any other right of preferential treatment on shares, capital, convertible capital, debt, financial note, bond, loan or hybrid instrument. In no event and according with the content of this document will an ICOM Token Holder be granted the right to vote in meetings of the iCommunity members, or be allowed to name or nominate any person in the

Board of directors. The only rights to which an ICOM token holder will be entitled are utility rights, rights of participation and contracting of services within the ecosystem.

Rewards program.

The rewards program is intended to reward users who collaborate with iCommunity Labs, with different promotional actions.

Terms and Conditions.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee payment for all accounts you refer due to the limitations mentioned above and the risk of fraud, but we will make a good faith effort to do so whenever possible. In addition, iCommunity Labs reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program, airdrope and bonus, at any time if the reserved token limits, risk of fraud or other reasons are reached. By participating in the referral program, airdrope and bonus acknowledge that iCommunity Labs does not guarantee receipt of payments. i

For referral campaigns, airrope / bounty and pre-sale bonuses, 1/3 (5Million tokens) of 15% dedicated to marketing have been reserved.


iCommunity Labs was founded 3 years ago by a multidisciplinary team with an average of more than 15 years of proven experience in the technological world, and corporate innovation. Passionate, dynamic professionals with great ability to achieve the goals set.

Brief Biography of the founding team.

Miguel A. Pérez – CEO

Computer Engineer and Ph.D. in Telecom, +20 years in Transf. Digital, Top 100 CEOs (RegTech Awards 2019), 4 companies co-founded.

Consultant, coordinator and PM in the management of large programs and projects, within the Digital Transformation Plan of the Ministry of Defense. Expert in Critical Systems & C2 Networks, optimization, digitization and process automation. Definition of business architectures. Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Trading, Big Data, Cloud, machine learning and application of blockchain to business processes.

Luis M. Couto – COO

20 years international experience in operations and finance, two companies co-founded.

Seven years at Big Four in Spain and the United Kingdom, plus operations and finance experience in renewable energy and new technologies businesses on three continents for 10 years, and three years entrepreneurial experience. Degree in Business Administration and Management, EMBA Global from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

Álvaro Chico – CTO

Engineer & Full-stack architect, +15 years in software development (Senior software developer at IBM, Telefónica and Ericsson), two companies cofounded.

Solidity and Blockchain networks specialist. Leading team management, business vision, and software development, of more than 100 projects: elplural.com, Pringles, Kellogg’s, Dhul, PLCMadrid, Prosegur, Hazloposible foundation, Madrid film festival, Madrid city hall and much more.

Mario García – CMO

Marketing & DLTs expert, +10 years in marketing, Expert in digital marketing, 2 companies co-founded.

Expert in blockchain networks and crypto markets since 2012. 10 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, start-up, marketing and digital business development. Blockchain, SEO / ASO, and Growth Hacking specialist.

The founders are joined by an experienced group of top-notch professionals: Full Stack developers, experts in blockchain and communication and promotion in the Asian, European, American and Latin American markets.



We have collaborators and partners of top relevance within the national and international business ecosystem.

Awards and achievements

Top 10 NEOTEC 2020 projects, and Cervera 2020 Project (the most prestigious R&D program in Spain).

The Hop-Estrella Galicia Awards, Best Blockchain Startup in South Europe 2019.

AEEN / METXA Entrepreneurship Awards, Red Netmentora 2020, Ebro Foods 2020, South Summit 2019, Open Awards 2019, Sanitas “Disruptive”, Women Now by Santander (Madri + d), Retail & Brand Experience Awards, Innsomnia-Logalty Challenge, AENOR Challenge.

TOP accelerators: Open Future by Telefónica – Wayra, Lanzadera, Challenge Tel Aviv 2019, Challenge San Francisco 2019 & The Venture City.

Audits and certifications

Community Labs is listed in the official register of the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as NQSTP, according to UE Regulation 910/2014. iCommunity has the seal of “innovative PYME” and is an official partner of the “Accelerate PYME” program of the Ministry of Science & Innovation of Spain.

iCommunity technology has been audited by the highest certification standards of official bodies in Spain.

Social and environmental impact

For iCommunity Labs, corporate social responsibility is a vital component and, therefore, contributes to the transformation of the environment to achieve a more just and egalitarian world, knowing that, although it is a complex issue, it is possible to add great value to this change through actions adjusted to its capacity. Therefore, its business model seeks not only economic benefit, but also to create value in society.

To carry out this work, a special CSR program has been developed with different actions and protocols aimed at social inclusion, sustainability, economic development and social welfare. The CSR program seeks alliances with NGOs and non-profit associations with which to collaborate and establish long-term synergies. CSR actions are real and have a clear social purpose.

With this objective in mind, and according to the last section, iCommunity Labs is currently collaborating with an exciting project with the NGO Bokatas.org, an organization formed entirely by volunteers, which aims to be a speaker that makes visible the drama that socially excluded people are experiencing without home or work.

The project consists of a disruptive mobile application with blockchain technology, which will serve Bokatas to streamline and facilitate all the management and organization processes of volunteers on their weekly routes, in addition to offering a program for labor inclusion.

This application will also serve as a means of communication and information for people at risk of social exclusion who request it. All of its features will be free and publicly available.


Within the iCommunity Labs CSR program, there is a section dedicated to Environmental Social Responsibility (RSA). Environmental awareness is taken into account in corporate’s policy and, for this, different protocols are carried out focused on reducing environmental impact and complying with social commitment, respecting the environment and promoting sustainability in production processes.

In effect, the iCommunity Labs management is aware of the importance of the contribution of everyone, companies, institutions, public administrations and individuals, in promoting responsible practices that respect the environment and that allow a clear advance of society towards a better world.

For this reason, the integration of environmental guidelines into its business strategy has been imposed. These guidelines are embodied in the Environmental Policy, which is inspired by two principles: compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, and continuous improvement of activities to protect the environment. With both principles, the startup is committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the planet.

To carry out these principles iCommunity proposes:

  • Adopt the necessary measures to prevent pollution and, when this is not possible, reduce polluting emissions to a minimum. We periodically calculate and measure the environmental footprint of our activity, to identify improvement objectives.
  • Reduce waste, recycling and reusing it whenever possible, as well as efficiently using natural resources, raw materials and energy.
  • Apply the necessary measures to guarantee compliance with the environmental regulations applicable to our activities at the local, national and global levels.
  • Disseminate the environmental policy among employees, suppliers, and other interested parties. We promote the use of alternative transport such as bicycles, public transport or shared cars. We implement outsourcing, equipment rental to reduce the carbon footprint, the use of paper and the expense of supplies.
  • Train and educate employees so that in their day-to-day work they carry out their performance following the environmental policy.
  • Establish procedures for the periodic review of compliance with the environmental policy, as well as apply corrective measures when these have been breached.
  • Carry out a process of continuous improvement of our performance respecting the environment.

In addition, proofs of concept are being carried out with blockchain technology that has a positive environmental impact. One of them is a blockchain-based platform to promote the circular economy, with a system of bonuses calculated for CO2 savings.


Digital transformation is turning into the 4th industrial revolution by implementing technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or IoT. New technology has recently joined the cast, and it is none other than Blockchain.

However, like all new technology, its implementation has yet to be “democratized”, as it’s a restricted technology due to the high implementation cost, the need for professionals who know how to implement it and the general lack of knowledge that exists about how to adopt a particular business model.

In addition, to date, every company is developing its own blockchain cases of use, creating their own development, tokens, Smart contracts… Everything is made ad hoc for each case. There are thousands of different tokens, most of which have no value beyond each particular use case.

Here is where our proposal comes to be:

iCommunity Blockchain Solutions (iBS)

A platform designed to narrow the existing gap between business organizations and Blockchain technology, offering this technology as a service through (vertical) “use cases” that include a comprehensive technical experience and the support of top developers. iBS is, therefore, the FIRST commercial platform that offers “Enterprise Blockchain as a service”, i.e: “plug-and-play” solutions for all companies in the world. Without a doubt, the ULTIMATE solution to extend the use of this technology to the expected levels.

iCommunity has created and validated the “Blockchain as a service” (iBS) platform with large companies. A unique example of how to land the most disruptive technology of today, to break down barriers, making it simple and economical, so that all types of companies can boost their businesses like never before.

This work has been recognized and audited by various bodies and official awards (NEOTEC, Cervera, innovative PYME… etc.) And by large clients who are authentic international benchmarks in their sector: Estrella Galicia, AENOR, Logalty and more.

Our goal: Make blockchain technology easy and accessible for all, by democratizing its use and decentralizing business models that have traditionally been centralized, which will, in turn, optimize their processes. We bring Blockchain technology to businesses and people in an easy, fast and affordable way.


Icommunity Labs & Tech S.L. (hereinafter “iCommunity Labs”) is a company governed by Spanish law, with registered office in Madrid, at calle Colmenares, nº3, under 28004, with C.I.F. B88350897 and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry in volume 39,161, Folio 40, Section 8, Page M-695696.

The objective of iCommunity Labs is to democratize access to blockchain technology as a lever to drive the digital transformation of any business process or organization. Our technology adapts to the needs of companies to make them safer, more efficient and competitive.

We solve real problems by adding value to our clients and being at the forefront of innovation.

The ICOM token is not registered as a security or other financial product in any jurisdiction. The ICOM token is a utility / service bonus token to access the innovative tools and solutions of the iCommunity platform. They are not social shares or cryptocurrency. In compliance with current regulations, during the process of acquiring ICOM tokens, iCommunity may require additional information or documentation from the user, reserving the right to reject the request if the requested information or documentation is not provided, or if it is insufficient, especially in the cases of residents outside the EU, Great Britain and EEA (European Economic Area).

Any information on this page that is “forward-looking statements” is based on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are made and involves a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those currently anticipated. iCommunity Labs cannot offer any guarantees or assurances regarding any forward-looking statements.

ICOM is NOT designed to be used as a means of payment for any goods or services that are provided outside of the iCommunity ecosystem. And it does not represent in any way participation, right, title or interest in the entities that develop the ecosystem. Any distributor of the ICOM Token on platforms, exchanges, affiliates and / or companies that are not affiliated and / or official partners of the iCommunity Labs ecosystem, is outside of said ecosystem and is not allowed by iCommunity Labs. The ICOM Token DOES NOT grant the right token holders to any kind of promise of fees, dividends, income, profits or investment returns, and is not intended to constitute securities of any kind.


The ICOM token can only be used in the ecosystem of iCommunity Labs and its official affiliates and partners, and ownership of ICOM does not carry any right, express or implied, other than the right to use it as a means to allow use and interaction within the ecosystem.

iCommunity Labs can sell ICOM tokens to the public, which are equivalent to the aforementioned platform services, and ensures this access to all buyers, but reserves the right to modify the launch and / or use deadlines on the platform. ICOM tokens can ONLY be exchanged for services after public sale. In the event that this public sale is delayed for more than 6 months once the initial pre-sale objective has been completed and achieved, the appropriate measures will be taken to be exchanged for the services of the platform.

iCommunity Labs reserves the right to modify these measures, and will communicate them to users through the public and private channels that they have provided in their registration. Users understand when buying ICOM tokens, that these are a means to access innovative services with blockchain technology from iCommunity Labs at a very advantageous discount, compared to the usual prices of the platform, and that the objective of the sale is the incentive and support of users to the development of the BaaS solutions ecosystem of iCommunity Labs. Users understand by accepting the purchase agreement, the possible delays and modifications that may arise.

The ICOM token purchase agreement will apply to any public sale of iCommunity Labs tokens, and buyers understand that they will be subject to the available and updated purchase agreement.

iCommunity Labs is not a bank, private bank, exchange, broker, fund, manager or distributor of group plan investments, financial intermediary, asset manager or otherwise financial institution and does not it is authorized to act as such and is not supervised by any financial market supervisory authority. Neither this documentation nor any other information material related to iCommunity Labs and / or ICOM tokens, including but not limited to the ICOM Token Purchase Agreement, has been submitted or will be approved by any regulatory authority. In particular, this documentation does not will be filed with the Spanish Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Any purchase of a digital asset involves risks, which are described in the ICOM token documentation, in particular, but not limited to, the ICOM Token Purchase Agreement.

Additionally, each ICOM token owner or potential ICOM token owner is aware of, understands, and accepts the inherent risks associated with Blockchain technology and ICOM tokens in particular, including but not limited to those listed below. The more comprehensive risk factors describing the risks associated with ICOM tokens are set out in the documentation for the particular ICOM tokens, but are not limited to the ICOM token purchase agreement.

ICOM token owners are aware, understand and accept that any smart contract and / or any underlying software application and / or any blockchain network are new technologies that are still in an early stage of development. ICOM token owners are aware, understand and accept that the operation of blockchain networks, including the Ethereum blockchain, may be interrupted or contain errors. ICOM token owners are aware, understand and accept that there is an inherent risk that the smart contract and / or the software and / or the blockchain network may contain weaknesses, vulnerabilities, viruses, errors or that they may be subject to exploitation that causes , among others, the complete loss of ETH, ICOM token, or other (financial) means and / or support. ICOM token owners are aware, understand and agree that any underlying smart contracts and / or protocols and / or any other software, and / or any blockchain network may be subject to delays in processing transactions and / or not correctly executing instructions. valid due to various factors, including but not limited to overall traffic volume, mining attacks, viruses, and / or similar events. iCommunity Labs will not be responsible for any suspension, theft, fraud or loss of ICOM tokens that may occur in connection with any of the risks described in this paragraph.

iCommunity Labs will not be responsible for technical risks related, among others, to power outages, disconnections, time-outs or system failures, delays, transmission errors, disturbances or the overloading or blocking of the systems or networks involved. If iCommunity Labs detects any security risk, it reserves the right, whenever possible, to freeze or close ongoing smart contracts for the protection of ICOM token holders at any time until the risk is eliminated, provided that, iCommunity Labs cannot freeze or close a faulty or destructive smart contract. iCommunity Labs will not be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of such interruption or closure. iCommunity Labs cannot guarantee the availability of an Internet connection.

Information related to ICOM tokens and any public sale of ICOM tokens will be available exclusively to interested persons requesting this documentation for their own use.

This documentation is not intended to contain all information related to ICOM tokens. The information in this documentation is based on facts available as of the date hereof. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information or opinions contained in this document by iCommunity Labs and its advisors. The information contained herein may be subject to updating, completion, revision, verification and amendment, without prior notice, all of which may affect this presentation. It should be understood that subsequent developments may affect the information contained in this document, which neither iCommunity Labs nor any of its advisors have an obligation to update, review or affirm.

This documentation contains general information about iCommunity Labs and is intended for general informational purposes only, at the request of interested persons. With regard to the sale of any ICOM token, ICOM token owners (or potential token owners) should rely on the relevant ICOM token documentation, in particular, but not limited to, the ICOM token purchase agreement.



Potential and actual ICOM token holders are aware and understand that certain jurisdictions restrict or may in the future restrict their residents or citizens from participating in any token sale, use of cryptocurrencies, or any exchange of the above items for any reason. The acquirer of tokens must know the regulations that apply to them and be in a position to be able to interpret them properly, or, failing that, seek appropriate advice to know the limitations that, where appropriate, may be applicable. iCommunity Labs assumes no responsibility for current or future legal prohibitions that may apply to the conversion or holding of ICOM tokens.

ICOM tokens cannot be converted, retained, used, or otherwise retained, if legal restrictions apply. It is the responsibility of potential and actual ICOM token owners to seek legal advice in their jurisdiction to identify such legal restrictions. iCommunity Labs shall have the right at any time, in its sole discretion and by any means, to exclude, prohibit or restrict participation in the Token Sale or otherwise restrict the ability of ICOM token holders to convert, hold, use or in any other way, retain the ICOM tokens if the respective client does not meet the eligibility requirements established by iCommunity Labs for the purpose of the ICOM token sale, or for other reasons.

All the information contained in this documentation is made available at the request of interested persons, with the understanding that the authors, editors, distributors and advisers do not provide legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice or opinion on specific facts or matters and , consequently, for which they do not assume any responsibility. In no event will iCommunity Labs and / or its advisors be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of any opinion or information contained expressly or implicitly in this documentation.